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Volunteer opportunities at our parish

Serve God and your neighbor by volunteering with us! There are many ways, big and small, to contribute to our parish community. Get to know your fellow parishioners better. Teenagers, earn your service hours here in your spiritual home! Below is a listing of service teams; within each one there are many opportunities to sign up for service on a one-time or more frequent basis. Check back often to see what additional needs have been posted!

Dear Parishioners,  

Many years ago, the Sisterhood of our parish decided to offer Sunday lunches as a way to raise funds for the church kitchen renovation.  Thanks be to God, these lunches have become an important part of our church fellowship.  Good food is always a wonderful way to spend time together and get to know one another better!    That said, as time has gone by, there are fewer people involved in the meal preparation each week.  We need your help to keep these lunches going!  Many hands make for light work, so please sign up on the schedule to help prepare lunch and be our hero!

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